2024 Assessor's Office Data Collection Project

City of Methuen Seal


The Board of Assessors in the City of Methuen would like to announce that data collection of real property for assessment purposes will continue during 2024. 

Patriot Properties, Inc. of Salem Massachusetts was awarded the contract to assist with the project. Experienced data collectors from the firm will continue measuring and inspecting all buildings in the City during the year. All of Patriot's data collectors will have proper picture identification in view and the Methuen Police Department will be aware of the data collector's identity and vehicle registration information. 

In order to ensure a successful measure and list of all properties, the Board of Assessors is requesting the full cooperation of all taxpayers in this state mandated endeavor. The data collection process requires an inspection of the interior as well as a measurement of the exterior of all buildings. The interior inspections by the data collectors will take approximately 10 minutes and is necessary in order to determine the full and fair cash value of the property and to create equitable assessments as of January 2024. The full and fair cash value being statutorily defined as 100% of a property's "fair market value, which is the price, an owner willing but under no compulsion to sell ought to receive from one willing but not under compulsion to buy." The property values will be based on an extensive analysis of real estate sales that have taken place 

The Board of Assessors wishes to thank all taxpayers in advance for their anticipated cooperation. Please note, the Department of Revenue mandates that all properties be inspected once every 10 years, and though we are mandated to attempt an interior inspection of your home, it is completely voluntary on the part of the homeowner. 

If any resident has any questions regarding this project, please contact the Assessor's Office at 978-983-8530.