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Methuen City Council 
Great Hall, Searles Building, 3rd. Floor
41 Pleasant Street, Methuen, MA 01844

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Regular Meeting Agenda, Monday, May 15, 2023 – 7:00 Pm

1. Roll Call

2. Acceptance of the Agenda

3. Pledge of Allegiance/Invocation/Moment of Silence

4. Organizational Business

  • Update on Audio System in Great Hall

5. Reading and Acceptance of Minutes from Previous Meetings

  • May 1, 2023 – Regular Meeting

6. Proclamations/Correspondence: 

7. Consideration of Appointments:  

  • Catherine Zembrowski - Cultural Council View Backup
  • Director Pat Bower – Greater Lawrence Sanitary District View Backup

8. Presentations/Projects/Department Updates 

  • Foundation Award – Fitzgerald Family
  • Request of Councilor Faretra – Presentation from Harvey Trash on updates relative to the trash system 

9. Public Participation

10. Mayor’s Report

  • Mayor Perry will discuss H2546, entitled “An Act to Exempt the Executive Director of the Municipal Police Training Committee From Earnings Limitations,” which is currently pending before the Massachusetts legislature.  Consideration may also be given to the drafting and dispatch of correspondence, executed by the Mayor and City Council, regarding this pending legislation. View Backup

11. Requests of Councilors

  • Request of Councilor McCarty – Update on Pleasant Street Property 
  • Request of Unaccepted Ways Task Force – Request for the City to provide an updated street list(s) for the following:   Accepted, Unaccepted, and private.   Private should include all private street, including private developments, unless an additional list with those will also be provided.  Update furnished at the May 15th meeting-  Chair Zeigler noted Council could take this up at the first meeting in June for review.
  • Request of Councilor Faretra – update from the CAFO and Director Bower where we are in the process of the purchase of the packer truck and also the schedule for spring yard waste cleanup. 
  • Request of Councilor Faretra - Update from the CAFO and Superintendent Steve Angelo on the Tennis Courts 
  • Request of Councilor Finocchiaro – Request that CAFO Maggie Duprey provide update on “Other Post Employment Benefits” (OPEB) liability for the City and any available forecasting for the direction of this liability – including 1) unfunded OPEB actuarial accrued liability, fiduciary net position, funded ration, net OPEB liability, and current funding plan.  2) Does the City continue to be in compliance with OPEB related GASB statements, particularly regarding enhanced transparency reporting and other best practices? 3) Also seeking the current OPEB plan’s fiduciary net position as a healthcare cost trend rate, and rate of investment return.  4) Additionally, requesting that the Council receive copies of the trust agreement, any investment policies, as well as any plans on a tentative projected year that OPEB will be fully funded.  5) Request that a new “OPEB” section of the City’s website be added, and that the above documents be uploaded and retained in that section of the City’s website. The CAFO anticipates providing a response  
  • Request of Councilor DiZoglio Mayor Perry and DPW Director Pat Bower Full Areal View Audit of Fields  
  • Request of Councilor DiZoglio Superintendent Steve Angelo for an update on the hut at the stadium 

12. Public Service

  • Licenses: Vehicle for Hire License - AAA & K Limo LLC, 11 Ashland Place, Apt. #304, Methuen, MA View License 

13. Contracts:

  • C-23-82 First American Equipment Finance, 211 High Point Drive, Victor, NY  14564 for Financing for 1500 HP Education Edition Chromebooks & Licenses MHEC State Contract MC14-F19 (Master Leasing & Financing) Amount:  Annual Payment $98,940.20, Lease Term: 48 Months, Lease Rate Factor: .026928, Lease Type: Tax-Exempt Lease, Payment Frequency: Annual
  • C-23-83 Apple Financial Services, 8377 East Hartford Drive, Suite 115, Scottsdale, AZ  85255 for Class of 2027 – Purchase and Financing of 550 10.2-inch IPads, 550 Duo Cases, Applecare Plus & Apple Plus & Apple Professional Learning Days – Amount:  Annual Payment: $78,968.13, Lease Term: 48 Months, Lease Rate Factor: 0%, Payment Frequency: Annual
  • C-23-84 Flowpoint Environmental Systems, Inc., 191 University BLVD, #467, Denver, CO   80206-4613 for Stand Alone Bulk Water Fill Station in the Amount of $48,835.29
  • C-23-85 Woodard and Curran, 40 Shattuck Rd., Suite 110, Andover, MA  01810 for Engineering Services Proposal Scada System – Methuen Wastewater System in the Amount of $1,500,000
  • C-23-86- First American Equipment – Leasing for all chrome book software -$308,288.32 View Backup
  • C-23-87- Corolla Contracting Inc.- $2,564,778.00- Tenney School Roof. 
  • C-23-88 Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) 160 Main Street, Haverhill, MA  01830

14. Other Officers and Committee Reports

15. Unfinished Business


  • TR-23-22 Resolution to Require Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAS) posted on the City Website 10 Days in Advance for Public Review with Tracked Changes, and Required Report by the Chief Administrative and Financial Officer (CAFO) or Designee, Prior to the First Vote on Said CBA (Req. of Clr. Finocchiaro, Co-sponsors Clr. Saba, Clr. Simard, and Clr. James McCarty) View Original Resolution View Resolution as Amended 4/24/23

16. New Business


  • TR-23-23 Resolution Authorizing Transfer from Free Cash of $85,000 for the funding of the pay as you go portion of the FY23 Capital Improvement Plan View Backup
  • TR-23-24 Resolution Authorizing Transfer of $25,000 from Police Other Expense to be transferred to Police Personal Service Expense to fund approved training from the correct expense budget line View Backup
  • TR-23-25 Resolution to Abandon Balance of the FY23 Capital Improvement Plan related to the Marsh Cooling Tower and Chiller project, and Transfer $1,000,000 of Remaining Funds Borrowed for Such Project to Pay Costs of the Tenney Grammar School roof replacement project  View Backup
  • TR-23-26 Resolution Authorizing Transfer $538,149 from Free Cash, to be transferred to DPW Other Expenses to fund the Snow & Ice expenditures deficit View Backup


  • TO-23-4 An Ordinance Amending Wage and Salary Reclassification Department Heads
  • TO-23-5 An Ordinance Establishing Section 7-18 of the Methuen Municipal Code to Address the Issue of PFAS Chemicals in Firefighter Turnout Gear (Request of Councilors Beauregard, McCarty, and Simard, Mayor Perry, and Chief Sheehy)

17. Any Other Business for the Good and Welfare of the Community

18. Adjourn

Eunice Zeigler 
Chair of the City Council

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