Do you have fitness classes?

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes at many levels including Aeroflex, Gentle Yoga, Cardio Aerobics, Line Dancing, Tai Chi & Qigong, Balance Bones & Brains (3B), Zumba, and Yoga. Each class offers a unique combination of aerobics, flexibility, balance, strengthening and meditative exercises. A Complete Work Out Center with a variety of exercise equipment is available to round out your workout routine.  Cost per class: $2.00.

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1. How old do I need to be to participate at the Center?
2. Do you have fitness classes?
3. Do you have someone I can talk to about health insurance options?
4. I’d like to learn something new. Do you have any craft classes I can attend?
5. My doctor recommends having my blood pressure monitored? Do you have a program that can help me?
6. Do you have transportation?
7. Are you open on weekends?