What if I have a large event at my house and generate more trash than can fit in the cart?

Overflow bags will be available, both to assist with the transition to automated trash pick-up and to address unusually high trash-producing events, such as parties and holidays. Each household will receive 2 bags upon the initial distribution of carts, and thereafter, bags will be available for sale at a cost of $10 for a package of 5 bags. Overflow bags are available at Methuen City Hall 41 Pleasant Street, Nevins Memorial Library 305 Broadway, Methuen Senior Activity Center 77 Lowell Street, Methuen Transfer Station 50 Huntington Avenue, and at the following locations throughout the city:

  • Market Basket (186 Haverhill Street)
  • Market Basket (70 Pleasant Valley St)
  • Howe St Superette(163 Howe Street)
  • Galloway's Convenience Store (176 Pelham Street)
  • Caribbean Supermarket (4 Broadway)
  • White Eagle Pantry (319 Merrimack Street)

Extra trash carts will be available to households at an annual fee of $100.

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1. What is automated collection and why is it coming to Methuen?
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5. What if I have a large event at my house and generate more trash than can fit in the cart?
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15. How will pick-up be accomplished on narrow streets?