What materials can be placed in the recycle cart?

All single-stream recyclables should go in your Recycle Cart - Plastic bottles, jugs and containers (rinsed and clean); Aluminum/steel/tin cans (rinsed and clean); Newspaper; Cardboard (flatten); Mixed office paper, junk mail etc.; Glass (rinsed and clean)

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1. What is automated collection and why is it coming to Methuen?
2. Why are trash limits so important?
3. When will Methuen Switch to the new automated collection system?
4. Who will be getting the carts?
5. Do I have to put trash and recyclables in my new carts?
6. What if I have a large event at my house and generate more trash than can fit in the cart?
7. What if I’m senior citizen or someone who cannot maneuver the larger carts. Are smaller carts than the 64-gallon trash cart or the 95-gallon recycle carts available?
8. What materials can be placed in the recycle cart?
9. Won’t this cart system just generate even more illegal dumping?
10. What if my cart is stolen or damaged?
11. What do I do with my large bulky items like old couches or furniture?
12. How do I dispose of my old mattress?
13. What do I do with old clothing?
14. How can I find other options for disposition, donation or re-use?
15. How many carts will a multi-family structure receive?
16. How will pick-up be accomplished on narrow streets?