Guidelines - Stroke Symptoms, Signs, Statistics

Methuen Fire Department Stroke Information


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Signs of a Stroke - F.A.S.T. Warning Signs

Face: Does one side of your face droop?

Arms: Raise both arms. Does one drift down?

Speech: Does your speech sound strange or slurred?



A YES to the first question and a yes to any of the following three questions should heighten your suspicion of stroke as a possible cause of the patient's condition:

S.A.V.E. Questions

Sudden: Did the patient's symptoms happen suddenly and without an explanation such as trauma or intoxication?

Altered: Does the patient present altered mental status?

Vision: Is the patient experiencing sudden vision problems?

Equilibrium: Does the patient have an altered equilibrium or vertigo?

If you have any questions about strokes and related issues, please consult your physician. CALL 911 IN ANY EMERGENCY SITUATION.