Health Division

The mission of the Board of Health is to educate, promote, improve, and protect the health and well being of all Methuen residents, including family pets and domestic animals. The Board of Health also contibutes to building a healthy community in a clean environment. The Board of Health is under dutiful obligation to develop and implement health polices, standards, ordinances, and regulations according to State and Federal requirements.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
William Buckley Director of Economic and Community Development (978) 983-8560
Health Director Health Director (978) 983-8664
Maria Alava Head Clerk/Health Office (978) 983-8655
Heidi Conlon Code Enforcement Officer (978) 983-8659
Bill DePardo Health Inspector (978) 983-8662
John Bonanno Health Inspector (978) 983-8663
Amy Ewing Public Health Nurse (978) 983-8661