Online Permitting


The City of Methuen utilizes an online permitting system for the submittal of applications for most permits issued by the Department of Health, Human Services, and Inspections. Applicants will have the option of either paying for their permit online with Master Card, Visa, Discover or debit from a checking account. Although online payments are encouraged, the City will continue to accept checks in the office or payable to the City of Methuen, 41 Pleasant Street – Suite 203, Methuen, MA  01844.  Convenience fees for online payments may apply.

APPLICANTS WHO REGISTER, (this takes less than 5 minutes) will have the following benefits:

  1. Your information will auto-fill on the permit application after your original registration.
  2. The ability to view the status of your application and comments from other departments including whether additional information is required.
  3. The ability to edit an application before the permit is issued.
  4. The ability to add attachments (plans, pictures, specs, license(s), certificates of insurance, etc.) to the application.
  5. The capability of “chatting” online directly with the Inspectional Services staff.
  6. The ability to pay for the permit online.
  7. The capability to view inspection results.
  8. The ability to track all permitting history including which permits remain open requiring final inspections or completed.


Step 1)  Pop up blockers in windows must be shut off.

Step 2)  Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the preferable internet browser’s to use with this permit software.

Step 3)  To gain access to the on-line permitting program, you must first create your account. Click on the NEW USER option and you will be connected to the online permitting website.

Step 4)  Complete the registration application form.

Step 5)  After completing the registration application, click the register button at the bottom of the form. Failure to click the register button will cause you to lose all of the information on your application.

THIS IS A ONE TIME SUBMITTAL. Gaining access to the on-line permitting program after you have an account will only require your username and password. NOTE: PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD, as you will need this information to gain access to the program after initial registration.


  • Click on new application.
  • Choose the street from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the street number from the drop down list.(If this is new construction call office before proceeding)
  • Select a permit type from the drop down list.
  • ALL permit applicants must fill out the Workers’ Compensation Affidavit.
  • Fill in as many applicable lines as possible. Leave blank anything you cannot answer, except for mandatory info. Try to provide brief but concise descriptions of work.
  • Click Submit.
  • For certain types of permit applications you will be prompted to submit an attachment. After you submit your application, a page appears notifying you that your New Preliminary Application has been received. Click on the exit button at the bottom of the page, and it will return to the home page. Select your permit by clicking in circle in the column heading “A” ... on the far left side of the home page. On the far right of the page under the heading, “My Options”, click on the dropdown menu. Click on “add attachments” and follow the prompts to add site plans, drawings and documents etc.
  • Staff will review your application in the order in which it was received and will contact you either by phone or by the chat feature within the system.

Please note that submitting an application online is not to be construed as approval to start work.  Work can start only after a permit is issued except for wiring permits as allowed by law.

Do not hesitate to call the office for assistance. Thank you for using on-line permitting!!

NEW USERS: please click here to create a login

EXISTING USERS: Click here for Building, Plumbing / Gas, Electrical, and Zoning permit applications

Click here for health and code enforcement-related permits

Click here to View Public Access to All Permits and Applications

Note: This is the application only. Your permit has not yet been approved!