2020 Open Space & Recreation Community Needs Survey


The City of Methuen is updating its Open Space & Recreation Plan. The plan update, in addition to providing an inventory and assessment of all the open space and active recreation facilities in Methuen, will outline priority action recommendations for open space protection,  parks and recreation management, and facility capital improvements.

With an approved, updated Open Space & Recreation Plan in 2020, Methuen will be eligible for state and federal grants for open space acquisition and recreation improvements. Critical to the planning process is an analysis of community needs and concerns about the state of the City’s existing open space & recreation resources. A needs and condition survey has been prepared to aid the planning team in gathering information and finding out what is most important to you and other residents as Methuen sets an open space and recreation agenda for the 2020s.

If you are a Methuen resident, please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey at Methuen OSRP 2020 Community Needs Survey. Should you have any questions or are interested in getting involved in the City’s open space planning update, please contact Joseph Cosgrove, Environmental Planner/Energy Manager at jcosgrove@ci.methuen.ma.us