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tip411 - Submit an Anonymous Tip

Please Note: The tip411 system is not monitored 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Police personnel will not be immediately dispatched to the scene. This is NOT a substitute for calling 911.

Give Methuen Police Department your 411

Be proactive in alerting the Methuen Police Department about crimes or suspicious activity by sending an anonymous text message.

This service is for the community to share important public safety information anonymously with the Methuen Police and allows officers respond back creating an anonymous two-way conversation.

The tip411 system is an internet based tool and 100% anonymous through Citizen Observer. Citizen Observer’s technology removes all identifying information before police see it and there is no way to identify the sender.

Anyone with a cell phone may send an anonymous tip to the Methuen Police Department.

There are 3 Ways to Send a Tip

1. Text Message

Open a text message, enter 847411 in the “To” field, put the Keyword “Methuen” and then your tip message

2.  Download the Methuen PD app in the iTunes Store and Google Play

iTunes download

Google Play download

3. Using the web based tip

 Submit your tip here

Law enforcement cannot work alone, we rely on information from our citizens.

This is NOT a substitute for calling 911. Please call 911 for emergencies.