* Methuen Stormwater Outfall Inspection - Spring/Summer 2021


Throughout this Spring and early Summer, Methuen DPW teams will be out inspecting stormwater outfall pipes and other drainage structures throughout Methuen. “Outfalls” are the end of the pipe where municipal drainage flows into nearby water bodies, wetlands, or low-lying areas.

The inspections and water sampling are part of Methuen’s Stormwater Management Program to ensure proper maintenance of our storm drain system, prevent pollution of our rivers, streams and water bodies, and meet federal Clean Water Act requirements.

The inspections are being done with the City’s engineering consultant Tighe & Bond. The work will be performed primarily off the roadway where the stormwater pipes discharge to wetlands, streams, or wooded areas. Work may include opening manhole structures within the street.

You can view maps of the outfalls located throughout the City at the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission’s Methuen MIMAP: https://mimap.mvpc.org/map/index.html?viewer=methuen

Learn more about the Methuen’s Stormwater Management Program here: https://www.cityofmethuen.net/engineering/pages/stormwater-information