Emergency Management

The City of Methuen's Department of Emergency Management will be responsible for the coordination of all emergency response disaster operations. The Mission of the Methuen Emergency Management Team is to help coordinate local, state federal, and private resources during emergencies and disasters which affect the City of Methuen.

The Department of Emergency Management works in conjunction with State, Federal, and Local authorities, including private entities and other municipalities surrounding the City of Methuen area when required to develop, maintain and implement the Continuity of Operations of Government (COOP/COG) plans. The EM department is the conduit for state assistance through the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). The planning effort for the City is guided by the Comprehensive Emergency Management (CEM) Plan which was developed in conjunction with MEMA.

The Department of Emergency Management is prepared to activate an Emergency Operations Center during any major disaster to allow coordination of all support agencies to provide continuity of services to the public. The Department of Emergency Management is responsible for the advertisement, notification, and assembly of services that are in the best interest of the citizens of the City of Methuen and to prepare and distribute information and procedures governing the same.

View the Emergency Management Special Assistance Form (PDF).