Communications Center

Communication is the key to the everyday operation of the department. The men and women that run the Dispatch Center are trained to assist in a variety of situations. The Dispatch Center is equipped with the latest E-911 controls. Every call that comes in through the system gets served.

The Methuen Police Department's Emergency Dispatch Center for the City of Methuen receives many phone calls during an eight-hour period. The misuse of the enhanced 911 system is a continuing problem for emergency services dispatchers. The "911" emergency line is to be used in an EMERGENCY and not as an information line.

The "911" enhanced emergency line provides necessary data to the dispatchers in several ways. The number of the phone being used to call the emergency dispatch center is displayed on a small screen. The screen also displays the complete address where the phone is located, as well as the emergency services (police, fire, and medical) which are responsible for the address. This enables the dispatcher to take the incoming emergency call information, while at the same time verifying the responsible agency to handle the call. As the dispatcher is completing the task of gathering and dispatching the emergency information, the entire voice conversation is being tape recorded in case the line is disconnected. The number of the phone being used to call is also recorded on a Teletype printed copy, along with the time of the call to ensure a complete record of the emergency call. The entire procedure is completed on every "911" emergency call and with the growth of the city, the number of emergency calls is also increasing.

It is important to remember that "911" is for emergency public service only. For non-emergencies or general information, please call 978-983-8698 or the direct line for the party you wish to reach. Please click on our Telephone Directory to search for a specific bureau or officer's number.

Your cooperation will make the dispatcher's jobs a whole lot easier and will enable them to assist those who are in serious need of emergency assistance.