Traffic Unit

Sergeant Kevin Dzioba supervises the Traffic Unit and the officers of this unit are involved with the following programs:

  • Auto Class II, III Inspections - The officers are responsible for inspecting all Class II and III automobile sales and salvage sites.
  • Livery and Taxi Inspections - The Officers are responsible for the inspection of all licensed Livery and Taxi vehicles. Approved vehicles will receive a windshield sticker that will be affixed to the driver's side of the windshield by the Issuing Officer. The Sergeant in command will cause record checks of all livery and taxi drivers requested by licensed companies. Once approved acceptable candidates' information is sent to the Police ID Officer so they can receive their City issued Driver's License and visor ID.
  • Private Detail Coordinator -The sergeant in command of this unit will coordinate all outside detail activities that require modification of traffic patterns.
  • Parking Enforcement - The Parking Enforcement Officer coordinates the enforcement of all parking regulations in the City.
  • Traffic Enforcement - Officers use accident statistics to study where their attention is needed, and then through problem-solving techniques, they begin to address the problem.
  • Motorcycle Unit - The Police Department's Motorcycle Unit performs many functions including parades, funeral escorts, special duty, and park patrol. Their size and ability to be concealed, as well as their relative efficiency when compared to the standard police unit, allows them to greatly enhance the department's safety efforts. Motorcycle Unit members also perform escorts for a variety of special events that are held in the City of Methuen, as well as neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Marine Unit - The Methuen Public Safety Marine Unit is made up of trained members of the Police Department. The purpose of the unit is two-fold. First, it is on standby to be used as a rescue boat for water emergencies. Secondly, it is used for routine enforcement of waterway laws and environmental issues. The boat is a 21' Boston Whaler that is fully equipped with first aid equipment, fire extinguishers, a floating rescue basket, communications equipment, emergency lights, and a siren. The unit also has 2 Personal Watercraft that assist in the patrol and management of the waterways. The Marine Unit operates in the waterways under a mutual aid agreement with Lawrence, Dracut, and Andover.
  • Video Ray ROV Camera - This tethered camera system is utilized for underwater searches and the locating and video documentation of underwater targets. Video documentation of these events is achieved through the use of an additional laptop computer. It is also equipped with a sonar unit as well as a manipulator's arm to retrieve targets.
  • Shark Dual Side Scanning Sonar Unit - This equipment uses sonar imaging through a laptop computer to document and search for underwater targets.
  • Traffic Planning - the traffic supervisor evaluates all construction projects that affect traffic throughout the city during the planning stage and makes necessary changes when required.
  • Message/Speed Boards - The traffic unit utilizes two message and speed boards. The units are set up throughout the City to advise residents of current events and traffic detours etc. They are also used with their radar capability to warn drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit in areas that are found to have an increase in speeders.
  • There were several traffic studies that resulted in changes to previous traffic laws.
  • Coordinates and order medical and AED supplies.
  • Narcan program coordinator - This would include the monitoring, as well as ordering, and distribution of Narcan in accordance with state rules and regulations.
  • K9 Unit Supervisor - The department currently has four certified K9s. Currently certified is a German Shepard patrol dog as well as a tracking/trailing Blood Hound and two Labrador retrievers trained as explosives detection dogs.
  • Supervises Governs Highway Safety Bureau Grants as well as Pedestrian Safety Grants.