Methuen Transfer Station


Please Note that a Permit Sticker is Required to Enter the Transfer Station



  Monday - Friday: 7:00am – 2:00pm (last load 1:45pm)

Saturday: 8:00am - Noon (Last load accepted at 11:45am)

50 Huntington Avenue, Methuen, MA 01844 - Phone: 978-983-8892

METHUEN SENIOR CITIZENS: Two-white goods/appliances yearly are allowed for curbside pickup, along with disposal at the Transfer Station, is FREE OF CHARGE for Methuen Senior Citizens with proper identification.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: The Methuen Transfer Station will accept residential construction debris from Methuen residents. Commercial construction debris will be accepted and charged an additional fee. Please bring building permit and proof that material is from the City of Methuen.

OWNING OF PROPERTY IN METHUEN: Individuals who own residential property in Methuen, but do not live in Methuen, must purchase a permit sticker to use the Transfer Station. You must provide two (2) documents to confirm address that you own a residence in Methuen.

PROPANE TANKS: Propane tanks can be brought to the Transfer Station any time of day/20 lbs. only.

MATTRESSES/BOXSPRINGS: Mattresses and Box Springs will no longer be accepted at the Methuen Transfer Station. They can be placed with your curbside trash pick-up, one (1) set per week.

TRASH AND/OR RECYCLING: No Commercial recycling or curbside trash will be allowed into the Transfer Station.

BRUSH/LEAVES: Brush in bags will not be accepted. Grass and leaves in plastic bags will not be accepted.



Non-Commercial Vehicles- $ 20 per year

Pickup Trucks, Vans, etc.- $50 per year

Commercial Vehicles- $125/year

Temporary Pass- $ 40 for 5 days

Senior Citizens (age 62 and over): No Charge for Stickers


Construction & Demolition Material

Residents- $10/100 lbs. ($200/ton)

Commercial- $12/100 lbs. w/$ 60 min. ($240/ton)

White Goods - $50.00

Propane Tanks- 20 lbs. - $20.00

Tire Disposal- $ 30 all tires

Leaves, Grass, Brush: Residents Only –no charge, must have permit sticker.

Contractors - $25.00 for first 1000 pounds, $ 2.50 for each additional 100 lbs.

TELEVISION/COMPUTER DROP-OFF - Wednesdays or Saturdays- fee involved based on items.

Laptops (batteries must be removed)- $35.00 each

Monitors - $35.00 each

Computer Towers- $35.00 each Televisions 19” and under- $35.00 Televisions 20” and larger- $35.00

NOTE: Only checks payable to City of Methuen, are accepted for any fees, i.e., appliances, televisions, stickers, demolition, and brush. Cash is NOT accepted. Money orders only accepted on fixed price items, i.e., stickers, appliances, not for variable cost items such as demolition. Failure to pay or failure to abide by and of the rules and regulations set forth may result in revocation of permit.


  • What time does my trash need to be put out? By 7:00 a.m. on the regularly scheduled day of your trash pickup.
  • How can I obtain a Transfer Sticker? You may obtain a Transfer Sticker at 50 Huntington Ave, Methuen, MA. Provide two (2) forms of identification showing residency, i.e., driver’s license, utility bill. Payment will be made by check or money order for stickers only. Bring a blank check for all other drop- offs since the items are calculated by weight.
  • Where can I get barrels and Recycling bins? You may purchase them at a local store, no more than 50 gallons. Recycling barrels are usually blue with a recycle emblem. Recycle stickers, for any barrels, can be picked up at the Town Yard @ Lindberg Ave, Transfer Station @ Huntington Ave or DPW Division @ 10 Ditson Place, Free of charge.
  • What items are not accepted by trash company, JRM Hauling Services? The trash company will not take demolished material, electronics, cardboard, or appliances, metal, example grills, metal shelving or car parts. You may take these items to the Transfer Station, 50 Huntington Avenue. There is a fee for these items.
  • Wlill the trash company pick up bulk items for trash? Yes, JRM Hauling Services will pick up one bulk item per week according to your trash day. Bulk Item Examples: Mattress and box spring is considered as one bulk item. A Couch is considered as one bulk item and a chair is considered as one bulk item. Any questions please call DPW Management at 978-983-8545.
  • What items are considered recyclable by E.L. Harvey Services and when is cardboard picked up? The City of Methuen recycles bi-weekly. Please see recycling details on our web page for details on scheduling and instructions and what can and cannot be recycled. Cardboard is picked up with your recyclables bi-weekly.