Storm Emergency Information

Power Outages

  • From National Grid: The best defense against severe weather conditions and potential outages is to be prepared, safe, and informed.
  • Customers can receive text message alerts and updates by texting the word STORM to NGRID (64743).
  • To report an outage, call 800-465-1212 or visit Outage Central from a computer or smartphone.

In the case where a house or business losses electricity or gas, National Grid customers may contact the 24-hour customer service center at:

  • Power outage calls to 800-465-1212
  • Any other calls to 800-322-3223
  • Customer Service (gas) 800-640-1595
  • Customer Service (electric) 800-322-3223
  • Internet access during a storm/emergency, outages may be reported and additional information may be found on the National Grid website.

Snow Blower Safety - If Your Snowblower Jams

  • Turn it off!
  • Disengage clutch.
  • Wait five seconds after shutting the machine off to allow the impeller blades to stop rotating.
  • Always use a stick or broom handle to clear impacted snow.
  • Never put your hand down a chute or around the blades.
  • Keep all shields in place. Do not remove the safety devices on the machine.

Storm Resources